Cooey set for execution

Twenty-two years ago Richard Cooey murdered two University of Akron students on their way home from work.
On Tuesday, Cooey will face the punishment for his crimes, death by lethal injection.
Cooey, along with Clint Dicken, threw a chunk of concrete from a overpass disabling Wendy Offredo’s car in 1986. In the car with Offredo was her best friend Dawn McCeery. As the Plain Dealer reported on Oct. 12, Cooey and Dickens drove down to pretend to rescue the girls.
Cooey’s execution in 2003 was delayed because of ineffective counsel.
The execution was never rescheduled because of his subsequent lawsuit claiming that lethal injection was unconstitutional.
Cooey has recently been making headlines claiming that he is too fat to die because executioners will not be able to find a vein in his arm.
After appealing his case to Gov. Ted Strickland, Cooey was denied clemency.
His accomplice, Clint Dicken, was sentenced to life in prison.
Cooey has admitted to taking part in the attack of the two girls but states that Dicken made the fatal blows.
Cooey is set for execution at 10 a.m. Tuesday at the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility near Lucasville.