Career fair brings potential employers

Whether you are about to graduate and make your way into the real world or you are just looking ahead to see what employers are looking for, you may want to consider attending The University of Akron’s Career Fair.
The Career Fair will be held on Thursday Oct. 16 in the Student Union Ballroom from 10:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m. Over 100 employers will be present.
The Career Fair is open to all students and alumni. UA holds the Career Fair to bring employers to campus for the convenience of the students. The employers come to campus looking for UA students for internships, co-ops, full time jobs and part-time opportunities.
Michael Kulick, Assistant Director for the Center for Career Management, states, We have different employers from a variety of fields. We don’t have employers that are just looking for business students; we have employers looking for students from arts and sciences, liberal arts students, engineers or biologists. Whatever it may be, we open it up for everyone, which is one of the big reasons why we do it.
The Career Fair will benefit the students who are most prepared. When the CCM advertises for the Career Fair, they try and make sure the students bring a resume and are professionally dressed.
It doesn’t look good for us or for the students if they aren’t professionally dressed, they don’t have a resume and aren’t prepared, Kulick said.
Freshman are more than welcome to come check it out and ask questions, but it will benefit students the most that are looking for a job within their field or major. There have been lots of students who have received jobs and internships from the Career Fair. There is no way to track how many success stories there are.

The big thing about the Career Fair is that it allows students the opportunity to network, says Kulick. We aren’t going to guarantee students a job if they go, but they have an opportunity to network, meet employers, and follow up on their own.
The CCM also offers Career Fair preparation seminars. There are always two seminars each semester held before the Career Fair. These allow students to learn the do’s and don’ts, how to introduce yourself to employers, why you want to follow up with an employer by writing a thank you note and all the little things you want to do, Kulick said.
Important advice to someone who is attending the Career Fair: dress appropriately, don’t collect water bottles or pins that are given away by employers (although it may be tempting), bring a resume and take notes about what you have discussed with an employer.
Another good tip is when you first go in, you want to walk around and get an idea of where the employers are that you are interested in. First, students should get an idea of what employers are there and do research before they go if they are really interested, says Kulick.
On average, a student who is very interested in what the Career Fair has to offer should expect to spend about an hour there. Besides employers being the best resources at the Career Fair, the CCM will have a table set up. There is a map located at the table with the location of the employers. You can also ask general questions about the Career Fair, and, if desired, set up an appointment with someone from the Center.
A few years ago the Career Fair only brought in about 300 students. It is now attracting more than 700 students.
Kulick believes, This is such a great event for students because we are bringing the employers to them, and we want to make sure the word gets out and students take advantage of this.
The Career Fair is advertised just about every place possible, including Facebook.
The CCM does a lot for students. Kulick always tells students If you are going to remember anything about us, remember we are going to help you with your career and finding a job.
The CCM will never place students; they will only assist them with their career search. The CCM also offers a variety of programs, such as Etiquette Lunches and Mock Interviews. They also offer seminars such as Career Fair seminars, Resume seminars, and a seminar on How to Get Involved in Your Major. The CCM uses a Database called ZIP Professional, which allows students to search for different positions with co-op internships or full-time internships.
There is also on campus recruiting, which means that an employer will come to campus to interview students.
Before coming to the CCM, make an appointment.
If you have a quick question, you can come in to the CCM during Walk-In Hours which are Monday-Friday 11:00-4:00 and Wednesday 11:30-4:30.
The CCM makes it a priority to see a lot of students.. If you cannot attend the Career Fair on Oct. 16, there will be another one held in the spring on Thursday Feb. 12.