‘Cuts for a Cause’

Women donate hair to women batting cancer treatment

Kelly Unger

Women donate hair to women batting cancer treatment

By Kelly Unger, Writer

Women take pride in how their hair looks; it is a statement of identity. But women who undergo treatment for cancer might lose their hair.

On Tuesday, April 14, UA hosted “Cuts for a Cause,” an event that accepted donations for Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths program.

This is the second time UA has supported Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths program. This program began in 2006, and has evolved into not only accepting hair donations, but monetary donations. Not everyone who wants to donate hair meets the program’s requirements and restrictions, though.

“Cuts for a Cause” took place in the Union Ballroom B.  Stylists from MC Hair Consultants took donations and gave quick cuts to anyone willing to contribute $5.

Randi Rockich, a stylist at the event, said the average full-length wig requires at least 20 donations.

Taylor Foster, a freshman at UA, donated and got her hair cut.

“It was very enjoyable and the lady was nice,” Foster said of her first experience donating hair to Pantene’s program.

According to Pantene’s Beautiful Length webpage, 100 percent of donations help give free wigs to women diagnosed with cancer, who say the wigs make them feel like themselves again.

Pantene accepts donations from around the world. Dyed hair—as long as it is not bleached, chemically treated, or permanently colored—is also acceptable.

Those with layered hair can donate, but it is suggested that if the shortest layer does not meet the eight-inch requirement, it should be pinned up so only the longest layer can be taken.

Any student who were unable to make it to this week’s event are still able to donate their hair by sending it to Pantene Beautiful Lengths at 806 SE 18th Ave., Grand Rapids, MN, 55744.

Those who wish to contribute, but whose hair does not meet the requirements, can send monetary donations to The Greater Cincinnati Foundation c/o The Pantene Beautiful Lengths Fund, 200 West Fourth Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202-2775.