Lambda Chi Alpha pulls in donations for local philanthropy


Jeff Stein

Lambda Chi Alpha brothers pull Delta Gamma sisters down Market Street during the five-mile annual bathtub pull.

By Brittany Gregg, Opinion Editor

The 45th annual Ball Tub Pull was held by the men of Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity and the women of Delta Gamma sorority on April 18. It started at the Lambda Chi Alpha house at 94 Fir Hill and ended at Hardesty Park on Market Street.


This event raised over $400 in contributions, along with donations from alumni. Participants pulled a cast iron bathtub on wheels for nearly five miles with a police escort.


The purpose of this event was to raise money for the Akron Rotary Camp, which meets the needs of a broad scope of children with physical, developmental and mild behavioral disabilities ranging from age six through adulthood.


The members of the camp were previously patients who hail from diverse parts of the Akron community. Some participants came through social service agencies or friends, while others were referred through hospitals, Rotarians and other camps.


“It made me feel as if I was making a difference in someone’s life even though I never met them. The happiness you achieve from these events can’t be put into words,” said LCA member Andrew Russell.


Alyssa Angeletti, a member of Delta Gamma, said, “I am very much looking forward to participating in the bath tub pull next year. I was amazed and astounded at the amount of effort both Lambda Chi and Delta Gamma put forward to raising this money. I didn’t know what to expect with this being our first time participating in the event but I absolutely cannot wait to do it again next year and raise money for the Akron Rotary Camp.”


During the bathtub pull from Fir Hill down to Market Street, students, faculty, family, friends

and the local community participated by cheering, waving and donating money.


“It was a very successful event this year. We raised over double what we did last year: over $400 the day of,” said Jeff Stein, external vice president of Lambda Chi. “My brothers were awesome; they went up to many cars and received a lot of donations. We were very thankful for those driving down Market and donating. The girls of Delta Gamma did a fantastic job and we all were truly thankful for their help in this event. They helped raised more than us brothers did as a group.”


Stein holds the third highest position in Lambda Chi. He is in charge of philanthropic associations, service events, providing insight to volunteer opportunities for brothers who need to volunteer 20 hours, fundraising for philanthropies, and public relations.


Lambda Chi and Delta Gamma look forward to future events to raise awareness for both their local and national philanthropies, as well as supporting their fellow UA Greek life brothers and sisters.