Senior designers display portfolio exhibit


Nicholas Summers

Seniors wrote meaningful thoughts on the chalk wall.

By Nicholas Summers, Copy Editor

Myers School of Art is currently hosting a senior portfolio exhibition for graphic design students to present their best work before graduating.

The exhibit opened on April 24 to professionals and employers from the field to view the artwork. Family and friends were then allowed to enter later that day and view the students’ work for themselves. More than 100 guests attended during the family and friends reception.

Each senior had a table displaying their designs and art from the students academic career. On the tables were a process book, iPad mini, a pina zangaro portfolio, resumes, business cards and a take home gift that varied among each senior.

The process book was full of previous renditions of each artist’s work to show the development of their product to its final stages. The iPad mini allowed onlookers to view the artist’s featured work on digital format in a more interactive version of their portfolio. Take home gifts varied from coasters and buttons to Gameboy games and golf balls.

At the opening reception, senior Andrew Krigline had a 3-D printer actively printing the Fine Folk logo for guests to view.

Also featured was an interactive graffiti exhibit, which allowed guests to virtually spray paint a brick wall. Using a spray paint can rigged with infrared sensors, guests could pick their color and width of spray to create their own art on what could best be described as a lifesize Microsoft Paint.

Fine Folk will be open until Friday, May 1 at 5 p.m. in the Emily Davis Gallery of Folk Hall. The 43 featured seniors can also be viewed at