Caught ‘green-handed’

By Ian Vanek, News Writer


The Collegiate Clothing Drive will be taking place across UA until May 11, collecting gently used clothes and other textiles.

The Collegiate Clothing Drive donates the clothing and other textiles to the Salvation Army. The Salvation Army then will sell these gently used clothes and other textiles at their stores. The proceeds will go to its adult rehabilitation programs, according to Andrew Henry, manager of UA Recycling, Grounds, and Special Services.

The clothing drive started on campus as part of a collegiate challenge called “OneShirt,” organized by the company SustainU. After two years, SustainU no longer held the challenge, so UA’s Physical Facilities Operations Center started to run the clothing drive, according to Henry.

This is the fourth consecutive year that the clothing drive is being run by PFOC, which wants to reward donors who are caught “green handed.” Getting caught “green handed” means a member of PFOC catches a donor and rewards the donor.

The reward for getting caught “green handed” is a CamelBak water bottle with UA’s sustainability logo. More than one donor can be rewarded a CamelBak. Last year, 20 to 25 people were caught “green handed,” according to Henry.

“I always have extra clothes at the end of spring semester that I can live without,” said Patrick Kmitt, a sophomore.

Other textiles that will be accepted are footwear, purses, quilts, blankets, pillows and belts. Last year, the Collegiate Clothing Drive collected about 1,400 pounds of textile products.

There are eight drop-off locations across campus and Akron.

  1. Quaker Square Inn (Hotel Side), 135 South Broadway.
  2. Exchange Street Residence Hall (Courtyard), 180 East Exchange Street.
  3. Wonder Bread Building (East Side), 178 South Forge Street.
  4. Student Union (South East Corner), 303 Carroll Street.
  5. Spicer Residence Hall (Breezeway), 290 Spicer Street.
  6. South Hall (Breezeway), 353 Grant Street.
  7. There are two at the North Quad (besides the Honor’s Complex), 188 South College Street.