Benefits of working on-campus

By Makenzie Logan, Student Writer


Looking for a job can be a tedious task. Almost a job in itself. As students we have opportunities available to work on the UA campus. Most of the time they will even work around a student’s class schedule.

Whether an incoming freshman or heading into one’s senior year, working on campus is an experience students may not want to graduate without.

My freshman year was dedicated to getting used to college life. Once I got a job on campus, I instantly met new friends and learned my way around. Connections and relationships were built after a few weeks and I felt more comfortable than I ever have at UA. Landing a position as a student assistant on campus was the first step in finding success in my college career.

At first, I was hesitant to get a job because I was worried it would interfere with my class work. Working part time allowed me to develop a set schedule. Having a daily routine makes the weeks easier and the semesters go by faster. Being committed to both class and work made me become more responsible. I also think that it allowed me to become better at managing my time. Since I have been employed at UA, my GPA has risen each semester.

The nicest thing about having a job on campus is the convenience. I am able to walk directly to work after class or walk straight to class after work. Sometimes, I am stuck on campus all day, but it forces me to stay productive. Managers support your academic success and accommodate you by assigning shifts around your classes. The flexible schedule is convenient, especially as a full time student and during finals week.

I have met several of my closest friends working for the Department of Student Life. Strong relationships have been created with my colleagues and individuals from other departments.

Looking back on my college experience, I will remember the memories made working with my friends. While working, I have met people in the same major as myself as well. By discussing theories and coursework with them, I’ve learned more about my studies during my time here. This can also help with scheduling and finding the right professor for you.

Coming to a fun work environment takes the stress away from school. Having colleagues that can relate to a heavy workload and a supervisor that can sympathize when it comes to a busy week reduces stress.

Being able to create good connections with a supervisor is important. They give excellent advice, push students to their full potential and later down the road a supervisor can write letters of recommendation when job searching.

Students who work on campus adjust quickly to college life and gain valuable skills that will prepare them for their future career. Constant interaction with customers greatly improves communication skills. Time management skills are built by juggling multiple responsibilities. There are opportunities to advance in leadership roles and form a network of contacts. By getting involved on campus, students can benefit in the future in numerous ways.