Student Sports Shoutout

By Feben Yeshak, [email protected]

As the Zips take the field for another season of football, the question becomes: what will UA’s record be this year? After starting off winning four of six last year, the Zips finished a tough 2014 with an overall 5-7 record.

Do The University of Akron’s students believe the football team can improve their record, or will it be worse than last year?

Freshman Michael Awad and junior James Stanoson believe the team will go undefeated this season. Unfortunately, they both have already been proven wrong as Akron lost to Oklahoma last Saturday. The final score was 41-3.

Senior Nick Collins believes the team can make it to 8-4 and freshman Andrew Hickin agrees with him.

Nick Thomas and Grant Thomas are both sophomores at UA and believe the team has a chance to go 7-5.

Sophomores Kara Keber, Jacob Eberly, and Matthew Graber believe the team can improve their record, but only to 6-6.

Freshmen Andrew Clapper and Abanoub Awad believe the team will go 4-8.

The home opener for the Zips will be against Pittsburgh on Saturday, September 12. Akron defeated Pittsburgh in 2014 with a final score of 21-10.  The game will start at 6 p.m. at InfoCision Stadium.