Bringing hope to Akron


By Baylee Diedrich, Writer

While balancing school, a social life, and numerous organizations, five generous UA students are still able to dedicate their time to an organization called Akron Hope.

Akron Hope is a program dedicated to improving lives of others and positively affecting the community. It is a branch of humanitarian group Charleston Hope, which holds a program every year called “Adopt A Classroom.”

Adopt A Classroom collects presents and gains sponsors, allowing them to give and buy Christmas gifts for children at Title I schools. This year Akron Hope is partnering with the Helen Arnold Community Learning Center to give presents to the entire school.

Executive director Jen Vliet, secretary and director of finance Cami Chickonoski, director of communications and special events Zach Michel, director of web productions and social media Sandy Parson, and director of fundraising and sales specialist Taylor Oser make up the team working to make Adopt A Classroom successful in Akron.  

“One of the best parts of being a part of Akron Hope is being surrounded by my best friends and having a great support system,” Vilet said.

Throughout the year, the team reaches out to the community, local businesses, families, and friends to find sponsors.

It costs $200 to sponsor a classroom, meaning every child in the class will get a present. Donating $50 will provide dessert for the entire class as well. Akron Hope would also like to remind donors that gift donations are accepted.

On Dec. 18, donors, the team, and some volunteers will go to the school to spend time with the students and deliver the gifts.

Akron Hope is in the process of becoming a student organization on campus. Once approved, there will be many more opportunities to volunteer and serve in the community.

The team members of Akron Hope said they are looking forward to the change that is coming.

Anyone interested in being a part of Akron Hope can keep their eyes open for the student organization coming soon, or email Akron Hope at [email protected].