The university’s plan for Multicultural Center

By Emily Maher, [email protected]

Edit: The positions held by Elisha Swanson and John Turner were eliminated during layoffs reported earlier this summer. Both will continue at The University of Akron until January 27, 2016.

UA’s Multicultural Center will remain intact, according to Lee Gill, associate vice president for Inclusion and Equity.

It has been consolidated into the Office of Inclusion & Equity along with the Office of Multicultural Development.

Gill said the merger will streamline efficiency and expand the message of the University’s diversity and inclusiveness, adding that the movement intends to eliminate redundancies while encouraging the collaboration of administrators and workers across campus. Elisha Swanson and John Turner will remain as associate directors of the Multicultural Center.

Gill says that, although the University is facing budget challenges, students need not worry about traditional programs or events being cut.

That said, student groups are encouraged to come forward with their own ideas for new events. They would be assisted by staff in terms of development, support, and financial assistance of their ideas.

Overseeing these implementations will be project teams and committees of administrators, as well as the assistance of Campus Programming in the Office of Student Life.   

The center, currently residing in Schrank Hall, could move into Simmons Hall as early as Jan. 1.

Since its origination on campus in 2012, the Multicultural Center has been a nucleus of furthering UA’s mission of being a welcoming and diverse campus.