Editor’s note and correction

By Zaina Salem, Editor-in-chief

          On Sept. 17, we published a story on the Multicultural Center that stated “Elisha Swanson and John Turner will remain as associate directors of the Multicultural Center.” In the course of researching the story, the reporter first approached John Turner, who declined to be interviewed, and then interviewed Lee Gill, associate vice president for Inclusion and Equity.  During that conversation, the reporter understood that the two employees in question would continue in their roles with the Multicultural Center.

          Upon further investigation, we have learned that the positions held by Elisha Swanson and John Turner were eliminated during layoffs reported earlier this summer. Both will continue at The University of Akron until January 27, 2016, which is the end of their current contract period. 

          We apologize for this error. It is never our intention to publish misleading information. We want to reassure the University of Akron community that The Buchtelite is an independent student voice, and that it is very important to us that we publish accurate and unbiased stories.

          The Buchtelite editorial staff welcomes reader feedback about our stories. We will respond to or publish feedback and letters to the editor that include the author’s legal name and contact information.

          Thank you for reading The Buchtelite, and we hope it will continue to be your source for The University of Akron campus news.


Zaina Salem, editor-in-chief