King James stops home

Unveils new LeBron 13 shoe at EJ Thomas Hall on Sunday


Terry Rabbitts

In his conversation with Kristen Ledlow, LeBron revealed each shoe will have the word ‘Akronite’ printed on it.

By Terry Rabbitts, [email protected]

LeBron James and Nike unveiled the new LeBron 13 shoe in a private event tonight at The University of Akron’s E.J. Thomas Hall. The shoe was revealed just a day before the Cavaliers hold media day in advance of the new season.

James invited students from his alma mater, Saint Vincent-Saint Mary, Akron Community Parks Partners, Cavalier season ticket holders, and children that are part of the foundation named after him to enjoy some entertainment before The King and his shoe made their appearance on the stage.



Cavs floor announcer Ahmaad Crump started the show off with some music, followed by the Cavaliers Dance Team for a number, a short video that recapped last season, and finally the Cavs Scream Team hit the stage.

After Crump tried his best to do the “Dougie” along with the Scream Team, he stopped before he pulled something.

Next, three youngsters were brought onto the stage to compete in a dance off to amuse the crowd, and that they did. Even though there was an Apollo Theater style voting process used to determine a winner, it was decided that the vote was too close to call and all three were declared victorious.

Eventually the stage was cleared and the area of the stage near the orchestra pit began to rise and a violinist was player as award-winning poet and playwright Lemon Andersen began his poem, “Rubber City Soul”.

Andersen’s poem symbolically closes with: “Talent is given, Greatness is earned.”

Crump then announces the actual host of the night, NBA-TV’s Kristen Ledlow, who hosts NBA Inside Stuff with ex-NBA player Grant Hill.

Ledlow talks about her ride to the event and how her driver insists that she dine on some Swenson’s cuisine before leaving town.

She wastes little time in getting to the main event of the night, the announcement that the guest of honor, King James.

The crowd erupts to welcome LeBron, who graciously acknowledged the crowd before sitting down with Ledlow to talk about the area, his Halloween costume this year, and finally the shoe.

I am not going to bore you with the details of the shoe itself except for the fact that each and every shoe will have the words “Akronite” on them.

Poet Anderson came back out on to the stage and debut a new poem about Akron’s Favorite Son.

While James talked of many colorways to adorn his shoes, but announced to the crowd that the select kids of the LeBron James Family Foundation were working on one of the colorways for the shoe to be released at a later date.

Just before LeBron exited the stage at the end of the evening, he did manage to drag out teammate Kyrie Irving onto the stage much to the delight of the small crown on hand.