Hypnotist puts crowd to sleep


Kristina Aiad- Toss

Michael C. Anthony returns to EJ Thomas to wow the ‘doubters’.

By Julie Mullet, Writer

UA students volunteered to perform hilarious and embarrassing acts in front of the EJ Thomas Hall auditorium on Sept. 23.

Renowned hypnotist and UA favorite Michael C. Anthony instructed all those who braved the stage to focus on his hand as he began to hypnotize them. Once they had been put under his trance, Anthony instructed them to act as if a book was in their left hand, weighing it down, while a helium balloon was attached to their right hand, pulling it up, and the students’ arms were stretched to their limits.

Throughout the show, Anthony caused students to pass out onstage with just a simple command of “sleep” and the snap of his fingers.

Anthony performed many other tricks on the entranced students. Some of the most memorable included making students howl like a werewolf, pretend to give birth, sing opera, dance with a broom, and even see the audience naked.

The crowd roared with laughter as they watched their peers unconsciously carry out each of Anthony’s suggestions.

UA freshman Casey Amato watched Anthony’s performance for the first time.

“I enjoyed the show because Michael kept it lighthearted and comical. I never stopped laughing when he had the volunteers do crazy things,” Amato said.

Freshman Lucas Colantoni was one of the few people who were hypnotized.

“I did not think hypnotism was real at first. When I walked in, I was excited to be proven wrong, but I didn’t think it was real…but [hypnotism] totally works,” Colantoni said.

Anthony has been performing annual shows at UA for 18 years. He has been featured on CBS, ABC, NBC, and Fox and has been called “the best stage hypnotist on the planet” by VH1. Michael also has an award-winning show called “Hypnotized” and has been named the Campus Male Performer of the year.

This free show for UA students was sponsored by RHPB, RHC, and E.J. Thomas Hall as a part of the 9:09 and 7:17 series.