UA gets jazzed up

By Julie Mullet, Writer

Guzzetta Recital Hall was filled with relaxing sounds of the saxophone, bass, guitar, and many more instruments on Oct. 13.

This past Tuesday marked the night of UA’s School of Music small jazz group performances.

The show consisted of two separate jazz groups, each performing four songs. The groups were under the direction of Tim Powell and Mark Gonder.

The music elicited many tapping feet and nodding heads from audience members as they enjoyed the music. Songs included “Groovin’ High” by Dizzy Gillespie and “Four On Six” by Wes Montgomery.

The group consisted of UA students: Bobby Schumacher playing reeds and piano, Sloan Stakleff playing saxophone, Steve Powers playing guitar, Lizz Hough playing bass, and Nick Sagal playing drums.

After a short intermission, the second group took the stage.

While the first group could be considered traditional jazz, the second group took the stage with a slightly different sound.

The group enable used two types of percussion and a synthetic piano. They performed songs such as “Continuum” by Jaco Pastorius and Dirigible by Dave Morgan.

The song “Bembe Percussion Descarga” by Folkloric, used only percussion instruments.

This group was also composed of UA students: Kofi Boakye on the piano, Robert Sobnosky on bass, and Neil Lantry and Calvin Miller on percussion.

Each group concluded their performances by bowing for the audience to a deserved applause.

Caitlyn Phillips, a University of Akron freshman majoring in music education, expressed her thoughts on the performance. “The music was good. I liked the percussion, especially the all-percussion [song] where they used a cowbell…I thought the drum [song] was very intricate,” said Phillips.

Directors Powell and Gonder explained what it was like directing the students.

“We help them pick the music, and kind of coach them. What we do more than anything is that we are coaches to them…we point them in the right direction,” explained Powell, who directed the first group.

“I picked the music myself for this and it was extremely difficult because it was all odd-metered. After we play [the music] in the first place I let them take over…I let them go ahead and be themselves,” the second group director, Gonder said.

This free concert was was held in Guzzetta Recital Hall. More information on upcoming performances can be found on