How about LeBron’s name on the College of Education?


Taylor Marchetta

The LeBron James Family Foundation College of Education under construction.

By Stephanie Halle, Writer

In the print version of this article, The Buchtelite incorrectly wrote that the “LeBron James Family Foundation College of Education” would be showing up on graduating students’ degrees; the phrase will neither show up on undergraduate nor graduate degrees from the college. Headline changed to reflect the correction.

Over the past three years, The University of Akron’s College of Education has been going through a strenuous revamping process to improve its education programs.

Suspicions arose within the College of Education student community when President Scott Scarborough announced he was adding “Ohio’s Polytechnic University” as UA’s official tagline, which caused some education students to fear their college would suffer large cuts.

Several students’ concerns were put to rest when Cleveland Cavaliers player Lebron James decided to sponsor the college as a part of his Family Foundation’s partnership with UA.

As a result of this, what was previously the College of Education will now be called the “LeBron James Family Foundation College of Education.”

The Lebron James Family Foundation is not only sponsoring The University of Akron’s College of Education, but also the Boys and Girls club program, the I Promise Network, Wheels for Education program, and more.