More liberty in free speech policies


Kristina Aiad-Toss

Prominent Akron business leaders signed a full-page Akron Beacon Journal ad urging readers to give the University’s changes some time.

By Brooke Griffin, Writer

Recent events have caused The University of Akron’s unconstitutional speech policies to undergo changes.

In late August, a gathering of students connected to an unofficial Young Americans for Liberty chapter was shut down because of the school’s existing policies.

Before the Young Americans for Liberty students were able to set up pro-liberty and pro-market signs on a booth outside of the Student Union, a school administrator approached the group and asked them to leave, referencing the school’s procedures to practice freedom of speech on University grounds.

Prior to the change of policy, student organizations were required to reserve space on campus in order to practice freedom of speech.

According to the new policy, community members are no longer required to pre-register, unless safety is jeopardized or a large crowd needs to be set under control. Pre-registration is also needed if noise or any other behaviors could interrupt classes.

In addition, activities must not impede the movement of emergency vehicles, or University food carts.

The site also notes that a reservation for space will take precedence over someone who has not reserved the space.

Public organizations are not subject to the new changes. They must submit requests no later than three days in advance to the Office of the Vice President for Finance and Administration and CFO.

A full list of guidelines can be found here:

Otherwise, visit the UA’s Office of General Counsel for more information.