Pot falls short, Horrigan wins mayoral election

A day after the Nov 3. ballot, the unofficial results are in

By Logan Lane and Sofia Syed

A day after the Nov 3. ballot, the unofficial results are in

After a long and expensive path to the ballot, a legal battle over ambiguous wording, and a slew of commercials, ResponsibleOhio’s ballot initiative to legalize recreational and medicinal marijuana failed to pass.

According to the unofficial results of the Secretary of State, Issue 3, the proposed legalization amendment, failed with 64.1 percent voting no, 35.9 percent voting yes.

Even had Issue 3 passed, it would have been nullified by Issue 2, an amendment that protects the ballot from initiatives that create monopolies. Issue 2 passed with 51.58 percent voting yes, 48.42 percent voting no.

“I’m happy with both outcomes,” said Erick Passmore, a junior at UA.

Nick Dotson, another student, was happy that Issue 3 did not pass, and voiced his displeasure over the monopoly it would have created by giving only ten investing companies the right to grow commercially.

“It’s all about the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer,” Dotson said.

Junior Dom Bruno also weighed in.

“Issue 3 was not the right bill, it gave all the power to a few individuals who would benefit while creating only a handful of low-paying jobs in its wake,” Bruno said. “Issue 3 needed to lose so the people of Ohio may one day enjoy the benefits of proper legalization.”

Issue 1, an amendment that creates a new, bipartisan redistricting commission, passed with 71.46 percent voting yes, 28.54 percent voting no.

In local elections, democratic mayoral candidate Dan Horrigan (72 percent of the vote) defeated republican candidate Eddie Sipplen (24 percent), and independent candidate Bill Melver (4 percent).

Horrigan visited UA on Oct. 24 to answer student questions at a Text, Talk, Vote! Akron event in the Honors College.