Disability awareness week

By Buchtelite Editorial Board

Have you ever questioned whether you should open the door for someone ahead of you who is in a wheelchair? Or have you felt uncomfortable sitting next to someone with an apparent physical disability in class?

These are just a few of the very common experiences many students face and have worked through. The attitudes that make us feel uncomfortable around those with a disability comes from a general lack of understanding. The desire and need to be educated about people living with disabilities is ever-growing in our society and throughout our campus.

To better understand disabilities, it is our responsibility as a student body to take a moment and appreciate weeks like this one, where many campus organizations raise awareness.

The biggest barriers people with disabilities encounter are other people. Disability awareness means educating people regarding disabilities and giving people the knowledge required to carry out a job or task, thus separating good practice from poor. It is no longer enough to know that disability discrimination is unlawful.

As Disability Awareness Week comes to a close this Friday, it is important that we keep in mind how we approach students in general. A reminder that social etiquette among any passerby on campus, should be treated with common courtesy.