Students learn importance of business etiquette


Kristina Aiad-Toss

Students learn the correct use of utensil placement.

By Paul Clifford

Students learn importance of business etiquette

Having a good resume is only the first step in making sure one can land a job. Last week, more than 300 students gathered in the Student Union Ballroom on Nov. 4 to learn the importance of business etiquette.

Students learned about proper dress code, table manners, and how personal interactions can go a long way in ensuring professional success.

Additionally, the importance of social media was brought up; 93 percent of employers pay attention to social media when hiring.

The event began with casual and formal greetings between fellow students and vying employers. While at the event, each attendee could have business cards made, and a professional photo taken for social media use.

All were encouraged to network around an isle of snacks and refreshments within the hour prior to the dinner.

The first speaker presented the correct use of carefully-placed utensils and dishware in front of the participants.

As the dinner was coming to an end, the hosts returned and continued their informative presentation. They spoke about the importance of thank you notes, professional email and voicemail correspondence, and how to act properly during an interview.

A central theme of respect and professionalism persisted through each hypothetical situation and example.

The event ended with a style show, featuring models dressed in the ambiguously-defined business casual, as well as other types of formal attire that would be proper for all situations.