UA Music Ensemble performs at Guzzetta

By Ashlee Fields, Page Designer

Kevin Wilson, a graduate of The University of Akron School of Music, had his “Twilight Resound” premiere performance that was composed for the UA Music Ensemble on Nov. 10 at Guzzetta Recital Hall.

He was one of six composers that evening, all of which were conducted by Guy Bordo.

“Twilight Resound” had 11 instruments, ranging from brass to percussion.

“[The piece was] good, but tricky in some parts,” said Kevin Wilson. “It was more of an improv piece that builds and builds and builds until it reaches the climax.”

It had element of jazz throughout the piece, especially when the bongos held its solo that finished the piece neatly.

“Magic With Everyday Objects” was performed second. It was composed by Missy Mazzoli, an American composer and pianist.

The piano started the piece with a very tense and mournful prelude. Not long after, the other instruments resolved the tense feeling of the piano. Every instrument held their own constant pitch, creating moments of unity between the instruments.

However, it was a wonderful and memorable moment when the electric guitar finished the piece by creating feedback — a sound caused by the guitar being too close to the amplifier.

The third piece was “Involuntary” by David Lang, an American composer.

This piece was more relaxing with a happier overtone. The piccolos had their own pitches which were higher than the other instruments. After this piece, no one was prepared for the unexpected beginning of the next.

“I Shudder to Think” was performed next  and was composed by Nico Muhly, a contemporary classical music composer and arranger. This all-percussion piece filled Guzzetta Recital Hall with the rumbling sounds of the drums. Some of the audience jumped because of the unexpected beginning, but it also forced all other sounds to be silent. This had some elements of older movies and their fighting soundtracks.

The fifth piece was “Songbird Songs” by American composer John Luther Adams. This piece consists of three smaller sections; Wood Thrush, August Voices, and Evensong. The piece was more nature-oriented than the other pieces. Even with instruments being added and taken away between the three different sections of music, the performers were a well-oiled machine that played the piece wonderfully as a whole.

The final piece ended the night in the recital hall. The last piece was “Book of Departures” by Stuart Greenbaum, an Australian composer. It was a very colorful piece that came together overall— especially the piano solo that caused a small break in the unity of the instruments, but every instrument came back finishing UA’s New Music Ensemble strongly.

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