“Crime off campus is horrible, but students not taking precautions to protect themselves may be worse. We live in a city that is plagued with crime and it is no secret that some of the neighborhoods are dangerous near the University of Akron. Most recently students let their guard down by leaving a back door unlocked which allowed two individuals who reportedly had guns to enter their home.”
Recently, two off-campus houses were the victims of alleged robberies, in which the occupants were robbed at gunpoint inside their own homes.

In one case, the alleged assailants walked into the house through an open back door. In the other, the door was kicked in, according to police reports.

It’s never a sure thing when you’re walking late at night in a city environment. There is always the potential for something to happen on one of the poorly lit streets south of Exchange. It’s something that students and UAPD have become accustom to and have adapted to-to the best of their ability. These recent robberies were different.
Combined, the alleged victims lost about $280, stereo equipment, a TV, radio, XBOX 360, 69 video games and four firearms.

But what they really lost was more than material items, less tangible and more disturbing.