Happy holidays from The Buchtelite

By Buchtelite Editorial Board

Tomorrow marks the last day of fall classes. After the weekend, finals will try to claim our sanity. But once finals are over, the much-anticipated winter break begins. Before we know it, spring semester will be upon us, and the college cycle will continue.

And we’ll be here.

We promise to do our best to provide accurate, extensive, and punctual reporting to all of UA’s constituents; and we hope those same constituents will retain their sincere, knowledgeable, and unabashed concern for the University — a University tainted by the shadow of many problems, but by no means unable to cope with them.

We would like to wish a wholehearted happy holidays to former and current students, staff, and faculty during the holiday season; and we hope it will be the much-needed respite for those who have worked so rigorously the past few months to right the wrongs of and clarify the decisions made by an opaque administration.

And yes, we wish the administration happy holidays too.

Make sure to check buchtelite.com for articles over break. See you back in print on Tuesday, Jan. 26, 2016.