Z-Fit kicks off new program

By John Rachal, Writer

The most common New Year’s resolution is the classic “let’s get in shape for spring break” goal which, understandably, is thrown to the wayside as people get back into the swing of their usual school, work, and life schedules.

With so much on one’s plate, it’s hard to even think about working out, let alone working out consistently to where one can see results.

That is, until now. Introducing Z-Fit.

Z-Fit is a student lead 11-week fitness program designed to take the thinking out of personal fitness by providing resources and coaching that make it easy to think Nike, and just do it.

Lead by UA student Cara Parker, the Z-Fit program provides members with access to all the information and services they might need to help them reach their fitness goals.

These services include two physical fitness assessments, a metabolic rate screening (which measures how many calories one burns when they’re not moving around), a body composition test, a nutrition consultation, and an exercise program design.

Members can also look forward to weekly informational emails that provide health and nutrition information, fitness challenges to be completed, as well as one event per week, usually a nutrition workshop, where members can meet up and receive additional exercise, nutrition, and health information.

Essentially, Z-Fit looks to design exercise and nutrition programs that specifically fit into the lifestyles of the members, as well as educate them to understand exactly how to live a healthy and active lifestyle.

Registration fees for the program are $30 for students, $40 for faculty and staff, and $75 non-members.

“I’m just hoping to develop some kind of exercise schedule instead of saying to myself every Sunday that ‘tomorrow I’m going to start,’” said UA administrator Marlene Hopkins after signing up for Z-fit at its kick-off event. Hopkins is the administrative assistant in the Department of Anthropology and Classical Studies.

The official Z-Fit kick-off event was on Jan. 21; however, it is not too late to sign up. To register and find out more information about Z Fit, visit http://bit.ly/1S7hac8.