Welcome back, Zips

By Buchtelite Editorial Board

Welcome back – back to classes and professors, back to assignments and tests, back to busyness and stress, back to organizations and involvement.

The University you attend – the University to which you pay great amounts of money, and dedicate so much time – is in a massive period of change.

It’s not fun trying to keep up with these changes; it is certainly not on the top of the average student’s to-do list. And it is far too easy to get lost in all the rhetoric and abundant, if not differing, information.

Yet every student still has the imperative to be informed about the decisions that affect his or her education, ensuring it is not cheapened, weakened, debased, or sold to those who only care about profit, and not the enlightenment of the next generation – us. The ultimate blight is when those decisions are allowed to silently slip by, and are irreversibly initiated before anyone can say, “Wait, we didn’t want it that way.”

Through the coming months, keep up with The Buchtelite, and we’ll do our best to keep up with you and what you desire to know.

And remember: Desire to participate in the governance of your University, and you will find an outlet for participation. Contact the Undergraduate Student Government; send an email to your two student trustees; send letters to administrators and the Board of Trustees; and most importantly of all, ask, ask, ask questions.