Now in right direction, USG must use its voice

By Buchtelite Editorial Board

On Monday, the Undergraduate Student Government emailed a survey to all undergraduate students. The questionnaire is meant to collect student opinion on the University’s leadership.

In the past, USG has voiced little support or scorn for the changes made and proposed by this University’s administration. At times, its silence has tread dangerously close to indifference. Its series of Town Hall meetings last semester, while organized with good intentions, did not open any meaningful dialogue between students and administration. In some cases, they even widened the gulf.

But this action, coming nearly two weeks after the Faculty Senate passed a no confidence resolution in President Scarborough, shows that USG is willing to listen and hear the students they are serving.

And this couldn’t come any sooner. With possible leadership transition looming on the horizon, silence is no longer an option.

This survey gives students the opportunity to voice their opinion.

They must be heard, and USG must exercise the voice it’s entrusted to use with the vigor of which it is capable.