Low-cost legal services for students

By Nicholas Golina

Students in UA’s Undergraduate Student Government are currently working to give students access to affordable legal counsel through a non-profit organization called Student Legal Services.

USG requires its members to partake in projects to better the University and provide students with convenient services. Student legal aid is an example of a prospective project, as was the student recreational center at one time.

Graphic by Ashlee Fields
Graphic by Ashlee Fields

Services would range from comprehensive legal counseling to representation in court. Due to its partnership with UA, the nonprofit will not represent students in conflicts with the University itself. The University would pay for this program through a small, optional fee between $9 and $15 offered to students each semester.

Senators Dominic Grossi, Natalie Orr, and Nicholas Golina will present their plan to USG at its weekly senate meeting this Thursday, Feb. 25. There will also be an online survey administered to UA students about the program to gain feedback.

Many students that live off-campus encounter legal problems with their landlords, whose demands they are forced to abide by without reciprocity.

Due to the complexity of law, some students are unaware of many legal rights they have.

“The benefits of this program will be colossal for students with a lack of understanding of the legal system and legal procedures as well as limited financial resources to hire an attorney,” said Senator Grossi.

Several other Ohio universities, including Kent State University, The Ohio State University, Ohio University, and Bowling Green State University, have already implemented programs similar to this that offer legal assistance to students for a small fee each semester.

As a result, UA has the opportunity to learn from other schools and join the list of Ohio universities that provide students the tools they need in order to make legal adjudication possible.