Professionalism beyond the pitch

By Buchtelite Editorial Board

Professionalism is more than a suit, a firm handshake, and a résumé.

Actions might speak louder than words, and for many students this holds true no matter how grand they are at articulating their sentences; however, authenticity must not be sacrificed for the sake of image, because insincere personas receive nothing but the empty praise they are so used to dishing out.

Career fairs make students determine their goals and build up the required confidence to impress recruiters and employers. But what they don’t do is pressure students to remain genuine – to not let the masquerade of money and careers and first impressions falsify character.

If a student desires to enter the professional world, then that student must practice the professional life, not just throw on a suit and a smile for a day to secure the job.

Congratulations to all those whose Career Fair experience proved fruitful. We hope the ability and professionalism that gave you success is and will remain genuine, honest, and long-lasting.