Jazz Group “Blue Pi” Entertains Crowd in the Student Union for the Conclusion of Black History Month


Kristina Aiad-Toss

The local jazz band called Blu Pi plays music at Starbucks during ZPN’s event for Black History Month.

By Paul Clifford, Writer

The jazz group Blue Pi gave a stellar performance in the Student Union on Monday evening, Feb. 29 to conclude Black History Month. The group is composed of musicians Kofi (piano), Jay (saxophone), and Rob (percussion).

The University of Akron hosted several events throughout February to celebrate Black History Month, from displays of prominent black leaders and activists to benefit concerts, an interactive “Tunnel of Oppression,” and spoken word performances.

Saxophone melodies soared over the Starbucks lounge, entrancing audience members with familiar tunes like Earth Wind & Fire’s “September.” Blue Pi played other improvisations and jazz classics as well.

Signboards with brief biographies of famous and influential musicians displayed the impact that black people have made on their genre.

Although the musicians that played Monday night weren’t some of “the greats” of jazz, they certainly didn’t lack in passion. This was Blue Pi’s first gig together. Band members said that they went in with little rehearsal.

Summarizing the trio, Rob explained that, “I have a chemistry with Jay, and when you play with a guy as skilled as him it’s pretty easy,”