Off-Campus Housing Fair presents cheaper options


Sofia Syed

Graduate student Sandeep Dudam learns more about his off-campus options.

By Sofia Syed, Arts & Life Editor

Students were given an opportunity to explore their living options with the Spring 2016 Off-Campus Housing Fair on Tuesday, March 1.

Sponsored by Off-Campus Living, 12 off-campus properties, financial corporations, and on-campus options were presented in the Student Union.

The housing fair allowed students to compare prices and amenities for both on and off campus living. There was also a representative from the UA Legal Clinic to answer tenant and landlord questions.

The variety of options included: Fir Hill Tower, Woods of Fairlawn, University Edge, Cedarwood Village Apartments, 401 Lofts, BPS Management, PNC, Braymor Development, Resident Life and Housing, and The Depot.

When deciding to live on or off campus, there are many factors for one to consider.

If a student wants to live on-campus, they have to look into the different dorm options, meal plans and payment plans.

However, dealing with landlords, paying bills such as gas and electric, and finding roommates are just a few components when living off-campus.

“It’s great for [students] to be able to learn and grow and it’s the next step on being on your own to paying a mortgage and making your own meals,” said Gerri Mansueti, a Cedar Village Apartments representative.

When researching off-campus housing options, try to personalize the searches to fit preferences. For instance a student may look for an apartment that has a washer and dryer, parking space, and utilities included.

It’s important to know what a potential residence offers to students. It’s also necessary to pay attention when signing a lease and to keep a copy on hand after it’s signed.

401 Lofts representative Conner Schliffka said living off-campus saves a lot of money, compared to dorming.

“It will save [students] about $2,000 a year. It gives them a sense of independence, kind of teaches them how to be an adult and learn how to be on their own, and we offer a safe and secure environment for professionals and students alike,” he said.

Students have to look into whether they want to rent a house or apartment, which have their own set of stipulations to moving in. Students should also consider how long they want to sign their lease for-a typical lease a year-long.

“Having less roommates and your own personal bedroom and bathroom is very luxurious as are all of the free amenities that come with the property. There are more networking opportunities moving off campus,” said UA junior Jamie Coppers, who currently resides at 401 Lofts.

401 Lofts, The Depot, University Edge, and 22 Exchange are located near the UA and downtown Akron. The Roo and Metro are both accessible to students who chose to live in those areas.

“It’s cheaper than dorms and there’s no need for a meal plan. Overall I prefer to live off-campus than any of the dorms,” Coppers said.

Some of the tables offered free T-shirts, water bottles, earbuds, and candy to students.

The 22 Exchange table a small red carpet leading up to it and students could spin a wheel to win different prizes.

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