Sanders should have your vote

No other presidential candidate has done more to inspire millennials than the oldest presidential candidate, U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders.

Sander’s proposal for free public college education and his intent to finance the program through an excise tax on Wall Street trades hits home for public university students like us. This proposal, if implemented, could empower the American economy and better realize the American Dream by giving every young adult the opportunity for greater learning, wisdom, and economic advancement – much more than can the current system, which imposes unduly severe financial hardships, and stifles the potential of the driven sons and daughters of our nation.

And considering aging generations that are leaving younger generations mountains of federal debt, nothing trumps financing free college education by asking traders on Wall Street to use their excessive wealth for the betterment of those younger than they.

Bernie Sanders excites students because he is a candidate of good values, principles, and ideas. No less, his characteristics exemplify what most Americans want in political leaders: authenticity, conviction, and standards that soar above common political propaganda and spin.

Society should take from the idealism of college students who want to turn their aspirations into the customs of the next American century. Bernie Sanders promises to do so, and that’s why he has our vote.