‘Death of a Student’

By Allyson Smith, Student Writer

As a student at the University of Akron, I am weary and appalled by the current state of “politics” impacting our campus. In response, I wrote the following poem:


My parents aren’t rich

but I’ve got a 3.8.

They don’t know anyone…

but my resume is great!

“Well, that’s too bad,

better take out more loans.

We don’t care about you,

Mr. President needs a new home.”

How am I supposed to make it

when I can’t afford to go?

I can’t afford textbooks,

and I can’t just go back home.

Tuition goes up

as retention rates drop

because we can’t afford it!

Don’t you think you ought to stop?

Sell us the idea of a great future

with a nice salary to match,

then turn around and slap on the price tag.

It’s money Most. Don’t. Have.

Your reputation is crumbling

but it’s clear you don’t care

about your students

or their trials,

just as long as they pay their share.


-Allyson Smith

Sophomore, Media Production