USG should take action after survey

Several weeks ago, at a time when tension ran high on campus after the Faculty Senate’s overwhelming no-confidence vote in President Scott Scarborough, UA’s Undergraduate Student Government issued a comprehensive survey to its constituents because its leadership was hesitant to act without a clear opinion from those they serve – a good and wise call.

On March 10, that opinion came, clearly and distinctly, when USG’s survey results were released publically. Only 183 of the 2,873 responders have confidence in President Scott Scarborough, while nearly 60 percent – 1,614 students – don’t have confidence in him. The rest voted as “indifferent.”

So USG responded with a plan, and it’s plan is essentially this: possible legislation, for a possible campus-wide referendum, which could possibly garner enough votes, for possible action by USG – next year. In other words, nothing is guaranteed.

The problem with this is that UA’s problem is happening right now, and doesn’t afford time to dally or wait around, let alone not take action.
Notwithstanding the many thanks owed to USG for administering the survey, we think USG should follow up with that great success by using the powerful voice for which its members are elected, because some action – no matter its object, whether confidence or no confidence – is better than no action, or deferment.