Who we’re voting for

The Undergraduate Student Government (USG) held a first-rate debate yesterday in which the characters, opinions and platforms of its presidential and vice presidential candidates were well illumined.

Both pairs of candidates are impressive and unequivocally well-qualified. But though the Isaac Lampner and Cassaundra Spaeder duo might not have been in USG as long as their opponents, The Buchtelite’s editorial board is voting for them.

Megan Bodenschatz and Sterling Galehouse’s direct employment with two top administrators, President Scott Scarborough and Vice President of Advancement Larry Burns, is worrisome.

The pair says these connections will build a bridge between students and administrators, and make it easier to get things done.

But the bridge must be built between USG and students first, before USG and administrators. If anything, USG must be the watchdog of its University’s leaders, and friendships could get in the way of that. Especially because Galehouse, in an interview with The Buchtelite, says he would continue working in President Scarborough’s office while vice president.

The important thing, however, is that students vote, regardless of whether it’s for one pair or the other. Check the candidates’ websites, email them your questions, read about them in the paper. Find out for yourself who would be the best leaders for you. We hope to see you at the polls.