New way to conquer job searching

By Brittany Gregg, Opinion Editor

Graduation for many Zips is quickly approaching. While many are eager to receive their diplomas, many may have a job dangling over their heads. What should I be searching for? What job options are the best for me? As of the past week, LinkedIn unveiled its very own LinkedIn Students app, available for iOS and Android.

The app is tailored for students looking to solidify their plans post-graduation.
LinkedIn took data from its already existing database of over several hundred million professionals to create a brand new app that helps students discover jobs that are the best fit for graduates with the same major. Many companies, especially local Akron companies, tend to hire from The University of Akron and those with similar career paths of recent alumni with similar degrees.
According the New York Federal Reserve, 86 percent of students choose to go to college to get better jobs, but 44 percent are underemployed. When students take into consideration all that LinkedIn has to offer in regard to understanding how to find their first job out of school, the opportunities are endless.
Avid LinkedIn users have seen various promotions for students and have heard from professors about the website’s uses for other than networking and résumé building. For those in the process of using the website with graduation around the corner, think of this app as your personal job exploration guide.

The results will be tailored jobs with related recommendations based on real data from the career paths of hundreds of millions of successful professionals. All of this information can be used to explore career opportunities you may have never considered.

Consider searching for a job while walking to class, riding on the Roo Express, waiting to take your exam in the computer based testing lab, or simply while eating your lunch. What may seem like a monotonous yet time-sensitive task will morph into a manageable daily to-do list.