‘Unclass’ unanounced

By Kaitlin Erdman

If you are looking for a change of pace from the typical classroom setting, UA’s newest “Unclass” might be just what you need.

Next semester, The University of Akron will be offering Reinventing Place, a course designed to break down barriers between academic disciplines and develop new ideas to improve the relationship between the University and downtown Akron. All majors are welcomed.

This course will feature five professors from an array of disciplines: biology, art, anthropology, political science, and engineering.

Together with them and other community members, students will look at “placemaking” around Akron and the University, exploring and analyzing the forces that build communities, and how isolation affects their development.

Put together by UA’s new EXL Center, this class is an opportunity for anyone who would like to work with new people. Interdisciplinary teamwork allows students to leave their typical academic circle, and EXL emphasizes experiential learning as a means of expanding personal skills.

More information can be found on EXL’s website, uakron.edu/exl/.