Members of The Buchtelite’s spring semester editorial staff thank you for reading.

It’s the end of another semester, another school year, and truly we hope the best for you both during finals and afterward. (Even if it seems unlikely, you will do better than you think if you believe it to be so.)

For those who are graduating forever, farewell!

For those whose completion of this semester is only another satisfying step toward that wonderful milestone of any person’s academic life, farewell the same – though we will see you again soon.

The University has been through a lot this past year, and that is certainly too much to recount in one article.

Lots of that news has been negative, but the situation in totality provides an ideal opportunity to examine, yes, opportunity.

If you are unhappy with how things are going, do what you can to change them. If you are happy, do what you can to convince others the same. Debate, criticize, appreciate, commend, and be informed. It is all part of the same concept: being an engaged citizen and student in a democratic arena where ideas are free by definition.

The importance of this attitude is the impression which we hope UA has impressed on its graduates; and for those coming back, we hope for them to exercise this attitude in all aspects of their lives.

We, next semester, will be sure to do so. See you then.