Clubs to watch out for on campus

By Arden Palmquist, Arts & Life Editor

AK Bhangra

This is a student-run organization on campus which aims to express the Punjabi (Indian) culture through a well-known dance: Bhangra. The club mixes traditional Punjabi dance moves with modern hip-hop. The team’s goal is to increase awareness and respect of the culture through charities, fundraisers, and even Bhangra competitions. There will be a recruitment event Sept. 23 at 5 p.m. located in the Infocision building, room 310. The team encourages everyone to attend and learn more about the dance and Punjabi culture by trying it for themselves. There will be free food and drinks along with a t-shirt giveaway.



This club began as a group of friends trying to find something fun to do with their Nerf blasters. The group then brought the Humans VS Zombies game back to campus and created Zip-Strike to host the game. It hosts two games a year. The club is also planning smaller events such as capture the flag, Nerf wars, or days for modifying Nerf blasters. The club’s goal is to create a group of people who like Nerf and are looking for some fun. Zip-Strike meets every other week on Wednesdays at 7 p.m. in Kolbe Hall, room 301. Its first meeting will take place Sept. 7 and the club encourages everyone to come.



Eureka is an Honors Engineering Club on campus that focuses on promoting networking and communication skills between students. The club meets for a variety of fun events every other Monday in the Honors Common Room at 5pm. Events include guest speakers who discuss their work as well as holding friendly group competitions to test the members’ engineering skills. The club also holds a preparation day for the career field. Its first official meeting will be held Sept. 19 and the organization would like to remind everyone that its door is always open!