Akron Glass Works: Hidden Gem of Akron 9-15-16

421 Spicer Street

By Michelle DeShon, Opinion Editor

Akron Glass Works has been providing Akronites with a hands-on glassblowing experience for 10 years and is currently the only glassblowing studio and gallery in Akron. It was previously located across from Luigi’s in the Northside District, but is now located just around the corner from campus. It also happens to be right by last issue’s Hidden Gem, Don Drumm Studios & Gallery, so it is within walking distance from campus.  

Guests can purchase two-hour glassblowing workshop sessions with a group of five to 10 people for $60 per person. There are also glass fusing workshops. According to akronglassworks.com, glass fusing differs from glassblowing in that the artist works with the cold glass and, after arranging and assembling them together, puts the glass into the kiln to heat it.

If you just want to learn and watch the glassblowing process, or you’re on a budget, there are one-hour tours and demonstrations for five dollars per person. You can “…watch professional glassblowers create original pieces from start to finish with an in depth [sic] explanation of the process as they work,” according to the website. These sessions require a minimum of 10 people and allow a maximum of 50 people.

This hidden gem also has a gift shop with a variety of glass gifts including vases, ornaments, paperweights, sun catchers, jewelry, seasonal decor, and fine art pieces.