Open mic night kicks off homecoming week

In honor of the 2016 Homecoming week, an open mic night was held at the Student Union Starbucks on Monday evening.

Any student could sign up before the event to perform in front of the audience. Between performances, the audience was informed about all of the fun events that are taking place this week leading up to homecoming.

The audience loved the variety of performances and really got into the music and poetry. This crowd really enjoyed hearing fellow students’ art.

There were all types of performances that took place in Monday evening. Students of all majors played instruments, sang, rapped, and presented their poetry.

UA student, Mark Slabey, was able to perform a “Guns N’ Roses,” top hit on his bass guitar Monday night. Slabey has been playing bass for about five years.

“I enjoy sharing what I do with other people,” Slabey said.

This was a great opportunity for students to get their names out there and have a fun time on a Monday evening.