Third floor of Kolbe Hall: Hidden Gem of (U)Akron 10-11-16


The third floor of Kolbe Hall needs to be your new study spot.

By Michelle DeShon, Opinion Editor

With midterms and exams in full swing, students can be found cramming in every campus building. I’m sharing one of my favorite spots with you. For the past few semesters, all of my classes have been in two buildings, one of them being Kolbe Hall. I’ve spent hours on the third floor of this hall. My communications professors would walk by and laugh because I am always there.

I like this spot because it is perfect for studying. It has been my go-to spot for about four semesters now. There is only one classroom on this floor at one end of the hallway. So after classes let out there is a mob of people walking out, but other than that it is usually very quiet.

UA’s radio station and TV station, WZIP FM and ZTV, are located at the opposite end of the hallway. The radio station used to be played aloud on this floor, but I have not noticed any music this semester. I was never bothered by the music though. If I really had to concentrate hard, I would just put on headphones. Now, this spot is perfect for those who need complete silence while studying. I also like that there are plenty of outlets along the walls.

This spot has always felt like a sort of escape for me. If friends want to hang out and I’m too busy to even consider a social life, I come to this spot because the chance of running into someone is quite unlikely.

Another reason you should study there is to get some exercise by hiking up three or four flights of stairs. It sounds brutal but sometimes it’s good not to be lazy and take the elevator.

There is a drinking fountain and two vending machines. I’ll admit that if I failed to pack a lunch or if I’m tight on money and just have pocket change, I’ll buy a “vending machine lunch.” It’s kind of pathetic but it works in a pinch.

The only downfall to this study spot is there is no bathroom on this floor. I hate leaving my belongings behind when I go downstairs to the first or second floor. This only becomes a problem for me when I have hour-long breaks in between classes though.
In conclusion, this could be your perfect study spot if: you need a very quiet place to study, you’re sick of never finding a seat in Bierce, you need a little more exercise in your routine, you need a place to charge your computer, or you’re too broke to buy a real lunch.