UA wears purple: In honor of the recent suicides caused by homophobic abuse

Imagine living a lifestyle where over 2 billion people are opposed to the way you live. For the people of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community, this is everyday life.

Last Wednesday, allies and members of the LGBT community wore purple to honor victims of homophobic abuse. Over the past few weeks, six young gay men committed suicide due to homophobic abuse both at school and at home. People across the nation, regardless of their sexual orientation, wore purple shirts, dresses, armbands or patches to honor the six students, as well as to contribute to the ongoing efforts to end intolerance.

On the LGBT flag, purple is a symbol of spirit; that is exactly the goal of wearing purple: to promote the spirit of tolerance, acceptance and, ultimately, equality.

I was one of the people who participated by wearing purple. The purpose of wearing purple is to acknowledge those who have been victims and challenge people to look away from sexuality and focus on individual personalities. To bully, harass, degrade or slight anyone for the way they live their life is completely unacceptable. Unfortunately, intolerance runs rampant too often.

When it comes down to it, this issue shouldn’t be about whether or not members of the LGBT community have the right to marry. It shouldn’t be about their right to adopt. It shouldn’t even about their right to openly live the lifestyle they want to live. It should be, quite simply, about their right to live. Who could possibly oppose that?

Wear purple. No matter what your sexual orientation, no matter what your views on sexual orientation, suicide is one of the most tragic occurrences, and it needs to end. Stop the intolerant abuse, stop the suicides.