Auctions Off Skateboards With a Touch of Color

The skateboards were designed by students from the Myers School of Art students. Hui-Chu Ying, coordinator of printmaking at The University of Akron, organized the whole function.

Each skateboard is different. Some are spray painted with faces, places, words, animals, or designs. Others took a more multi-media approach, with various items, including pennies, buttons, or bottle caps, attached to them.

The auction started before Thanksgiving break and will end Dec. 3. Bidding for the skateboards starts at twenty dollars and goes up to one hundred dollars. You are allowed to bid more than hundred.

To place your bid, you have to jot down your name, phone number, and email on a piece of paper.

MaryAnn Sholtis, a UA Alumni, was there to bid on a board. Sholtis was a volunteer at the Akron Art Museum for twenty-five years. Sholtis is 88 years old and was born in Akron.

I’ve never seen a dog with a pipe in its mouth, but an artist can do that, said Sholtis.

Seems like it’s having a good time even with an odd look, said Sholtis of a skateboard depicting a fish in the sea. The board was designed by Adam Payne.

Another skateboard she described showed white flowers and green branches against a background of orange and designed by Sarah Dye.

Sholtis is a World War Two Veteran. Some of the skateboards brought memories back to her.

Sholtis also brought her daughter Rebecca to help her choose which skateboard she wanted to place a bid on.

Myers School of Art is hosting a Holiday Sale in Folk Hall Friday and Saturday. The sale will feature handcrafted work from the students. The Holiday Sale is an open event which includes free parking for those who come.