‘Voice’ winner performs at union

By Hamzah Syed, [email protected]

On Tuesday, Oct. 18, former “The Voice” season one winner (2011) Javier Colon performed at The University of Akron’s Student Union. The event was organized by the Residence Hall Programming Board (RHPB).

Colon started the 7:17 p.m. show with a song from his album, “Coming Through For You.” The entire performance was acoustic: him and his guitar.

Colon also talked about his time on the show. He said that he was going through a tough time in life. He lost his record deal and was hoping to find one soon so he could help out his family.

At first, he wasn’t even going to audition for The Voice, but his family convinced him; and then Colon’s agent received an email from the show encouraging Colon to give it a shot.

For his audition, he performed a rendition of Cyndi Lauper’s song, “Time after Time.” This song got him four chairs on the show, which means that all four judges wanted the opportunity to coach him.

“The song ‘Time after Time’ changed everything for me,” Colon said. “It was exciting to see Adam [Levine] standing on his chair. That’s why I chose him as a coach.”

After winning The Voice, Colon has made three albums with Concord Records: “Coming Through for you,” “Left of center,” and “Gravity.” He is currently making “Gravity.”

Colon, after the show, said that music has been a part of him since childhood. His father was a DJ for a small Spanish radio station. “We would listen to the radio on and off and that’s how music came to me,” Colon said.

“The songs that I make tell a story that I have been through or what people close to me have been through,” Colon said. After traveling all over the U.S. and even the world, he also added how happy he was with what life has given him.

As part of Tuesday’s performance, Colon sang a song about hope, life, and relationships from his current album “Gravity.”

The audience was moved by his performance because his voice was soulful and inspirational. Colon also covered other artists’ songs, including a show-finishing version of Prince’s song, “Purple Rain.”

“It is great being back at Akron. I came here a few years back in 2011 and performed at EJ Thomas Hall; it was an amazing time at EJ, but today the entire RHPB crew were professionals,” Colon said. “I hope to come back and perform again.”

There will be more RHPB events coming up and information can be found on OrgSync.