Seventh collage at EJ

By Kelcie Erbse, [email protected]

Last week, The University of Akron celebrated its seventh musical and theatrical collage at EJ Thomas Performing Arts Hall on Wednesday Oct. 26.

The Kula Concert Series from the Cleveland Kulas Foundation helped make this event happen. The Kulas Foundation was established by an industrialist couple back in 1937 to support musical arts in the Cleveland area.

Tickets for the event went on sale at the door, $12 for general admission but free for all UA students.

This collaboration featured UA’s best of the best from its concert choir, marching band drum line, symphonic band, steel drums, and much more. The event started off with a prologue from the Broadway play and Hollywood movie Into the Woods and ended with a piece by the symphonic band.

“The coolest part was that they had bands playing on the balcony, on the sides, had people disappearing on and off stage. It went by so quick,” said UA student Matt Mengon.

With the beautiful sounds from the symphony band playing from the balcony, to the soothing tones of the violinist playing a solo, the place was full of music.

The great variety of music played at this event was what made it so memorable. From acapella to opera, from Handel to Coldplay, the event had it all. The music was performed not just by students but faculty and performers.

E.J Thomas will feature many other events like this one during the month of November, and even more for the holiday season. Don’t miss out on what’s coming to Akron this season, and check out the schedule to see what interests you.