Relax at Wag Time

Disabilities Awareness Week, the annual event meant to inform and educate about the various issues faced by those with disabilities, as well as help create a campus that is inclusive to everyone, has come to an end.

To top the week off on Friday, Nov. 4, UA’s Office of Accessibility held an event at Bierce Library where students could come and hang out with a few therapy dogs from Wag Time. These therapy dogs go into Summa hospitals and work with various patients.

Each dog has its own personalized business card and provides different types of therapy. One of the dogs, a golden retriever named Gracie, began training when she was only two-and-a-half, working with her owner Joann.

Joann and Gracie began working with the Summa Hospitals because, her owner says, Gracie had a disposition suited for it. It only took six months for the pair to train, take the test, and get to work.

“It’s time set aside from your normal, hectic week to spend time with your dog while visiting people who are not always having the best of days,” said Gracie’s owner, adding that she loves getting to see others take a bit of a break from their daily routine to smile and have some fun.

The dogs from Wag Time come to UA’s campus periodically throughout the semester, with one of the most popular visits during finals week. They are always stationed in Bierce Library.