Trump encouraging second votes

By Michelle DeShon, Opinion Editor

It’s no secret that Donald Trump is concerned with the possibility of voter fraud in a system he thinks is rigged against him. To keep the Democrats from underhandedly winning the election, Trump is telling his supporters to go vote a second time.

How is that possible? Is that possible? The obvious answer here is no, but this man who may be our duly elected leader seems confused about the way our voting system operates.

In an article from Oct. 30, “Donald Trump Encourages His Supporters To Vote Twice,” on, the author recounted that our Republican nominee asked the crowd at a rally if they’d sent in their ballot via mail. When many of them responded with cheering, he then asked if they thought these ballots were being counted properly and the crowd erupted in shouts of “No!”

In response to these fears, Trump has encouraged his supporters to go to their respective polling locations and cast another ballot, which will evidently void out the first ballot they mailed in. The truth is that each voter has a unique barcode, and the system will know if you have already voted. You will not be allowed to vote again – you will be sent home.

One woman in Iowa, Terri Lynn Rote, was charged with voting twice for Trump in the general election according to an article on, titled “Trump supporter charged with voting twice in Iowa.” According to the author Amy B. Wang, Rote told Iowa Public Radio that she cast her first ballot for Trump but feared it would be changed to a vote for Hillary Clinton.

“The polls are rigged,” Rote exclaimed during the broadcast. It honestly blows my mind that a person thought this was legal.

So Mr. Trump, America can only hope that all of your supporters’ ballots are actually being miscounted as votes for Hillary so America won’t go up in flames.