Guided Meditation

By Celeste Houmard, [email protected]

Stressed at school? Looking for a free way on campus to relieve some anxiety? Or maybe you’re just trying to find a nice environment in which to relax. The American Chemical Society (ACS) has you covered.

The UA student chapter of ACS invites all students and faculty to a weekly meditation activity on Monday. The event runs from 11:30 a.m to noon each week in the Student Union room 314.

Meditation is known to reduce stress, relieve anxiety, and create a welcoming environment. The goal of these events is to give students the energy to cope with difficult situations at home and on campus, and bring people together.

The ACS student chapter runs simple, non-religious meditations that people with little to no experience will be able to follow along with no problem.

“[People] have to take care of a lot of things, like homework, exams, part-time jobs,  and because [we work a lot], the mind gets tired and stressed out easily which causes other health problems too,” ACS Akron chapter President Aditya Jindal says. “Meditation is the only way with which we can realize the true energy hidden deep within us and overcome all the bad feelings and always be happy.”

The sessions began in the summer of 2014 to help provide peace for people here at The University of Akron. The goal is to really help people get rid of their stress.

Most Mondays, the number of participants range from three to 10 people.

If you have any further questions please contact Aditya Jindal, the President of The Rubber City ACS Student Chapter at [email protected].