Give Trump a chance

By Teresa Donisi, [email protected]

I accepted the fact that Donald Trump won. I never liked Trump. I didn’t like the way he talked about women and disregarded them. Then again, I didn’t think Hillary was much better. I kept my thoughts to myself most of the time, though. I looked at it as more of choosing Voldemort or Doloris Umbridge. But, regardless, the election is over and we can all breath.

Yet, there are some people who just can’t accept that Trump is president. All over social media, I have seen arguments about how Trump is this and Trump is that and Trump did this. But people say the same about Hillary. Each candidate has their protesters and advocates. Looking at all the riots and campaigns happening right now, I wonder if, regardless of who won the presidency, would this all be happening? I have a strong feeling the answer to that question is yes.

So, I now pose a proposition to all Americans about Trump. I have already stated that I am not a fan, but I am willing to look past it to be able to get through the next four years. I am proposing that we all give Trump a chance. I can’t give you a percentage or a number on how many people didn’t like Barack Obama when he was elected, but look at what he has done. He found and killed Osama Bin Laden. He got the U.S. through two wars and even created a new health care system. He has helped America these past eight years to the point where now Americans don’t want him to leave office. How many Americans would honestly vote for Obama to be in office a third term if it wasn’t illegal? I know I would.

We don’t know what Trump will or can do for us in the next four years. We have no idea how everything will pan out. There is also not much we can do about the fact that he will be the official president starting in January. So instead of rioting, campaigning against him, and creating situations that may just be harmful to the U.S., give Trump a chance. See what he has to offer us while he is actually in office. See where he can take us. Let him at least try to make America great again.