ZPN joins forces with Zips For St. Jude for Slime Event

By Arden Palmquist, Arts & Life Editor

On Thursday, Dec. 1, the Zips Programming Network (ZPN) is joining forces with Zips for St. Jude to host a Slime Event. All proceeds are being donated to St. Jude’s Research Hospital.

The event is rather simple. Students, faculty and staff donate money to the one of eight UA staff members and administrators who they want to see slimed. Upon entering the event, which will be held in the Student Union Starbucks lounge, attendees will be invited encouraged to put their donations into the jar labeled with the name of the person they want to see slimed.

Students will be able to use their donations to vote for Bianca Hicks, Ashley Ritter, Dale Adams, Chris Painter, Zach Micheal, John Messina, Zach Kisor, and Aaron Brooks.

John Messina, UA’s vice president of student success, raised $136.50 in last year’s event. Over $1,050 was raised in total.

Megan Laws, special events coordinator for ZPN, has been working hard on this event alongside Zips for St. Jude Side Events Chairman Abbey Carneal.

“Of course, seeing one of our fellow Zips get slimmed will be exciting, but I am most excited to see how much money we can raise for St. Jude Hospital,” said Laws. “It is a great organization with a great cause and I’ve very excited that the University participates in fundraising for their organization.”

St. Jude’s Research Hospital is a pediatric treatment center in Memphis, Tennessee. The hospital is one of the few in the U.S. where patients don’t pay for treatments not covered by insurance. Patients without insurance are not required to pay at all.

During the event, attendees will not only get to see people get slimed but there will also be tons of food, fun raffles, and prices to give away.

“I’m most excited to see people having fun, raising money for St. Jude, and watching people get slimed.” says Carneal.

The event will be tonight from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. in the Student Union Starbucks Lounge.