Cram Jam

By Arden Palmquist, Arts and Life Editor

As final week approaches and the anxiety kicks in, students all over campus are preparing for the worst part of the semester: finals week. The University’s Greek life, every year, plans a little session for students to come together in Bierce library for a “Cram Jam.”

On Monday, Dec. 12 from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m., Greek life will be taking over the library for Greek and non-Greek students.

For 40 minutes, students study and then afterward, there is a 15-minute break during which Greek Life supplies snacks and games to help destress.

Greek life student Unique Haugabook shared what her favorite part about Cram Jam is: the environment. “It gave me a chance to study and the fact that I got a lot of things done while I was there with friends.”